Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now It's Halloween!

We finally carved pumpkins with the kids today. 

We told them not to pick a pumpkin that was too big to carry.  The kids took that to mean, get the biggest pumpkin I can possibly drag across the parking lot and then beg Daddy to lift it into the trunk 'cause once a pumpkin has been dragged a hundred feet across gravel, you kind of have to buy it.


"Mom. you never told me there'd be so much goo inside of a pumpkin."

"That's not goo, Lauren.  It's pumpkin brains!"

"Mom, I'm gonna be a brain surgeon.  A PUMPKIN brain surgeon!"

Chris. that isn't pumplin pie yet!
That's the last picture we have of Daddy's left thumb

Lauren's pumpkin (above)

Drew's pumpkin (Above)

Chris's pumpkin

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