Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Fun

We're back from a week in Virginia.  We stayed out a house near Chesapeake Bay and took the kids to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown to cram their heads full of historical fun facts.  Hey, our parents tried to make vacations educational and now it's our turn.  Mwa ha ha!

On the drive down, we tried to convince the kids the house we'd rented looked something like this.

Here's the actual house we rented.

The house had kayaks and a canoe, but at low tide, it was mostly mud. 
Chris thinking the mud is the best fun he's ever had.

Lauren wasn't quite so thrilled.

Yorktown had bunches of cannons which were fun at first.

And then, there were lots of battlefields which look to kids like nothing but fields of dirt.

Or as the kids said repeatedly, "Look, Mom.  More historic dirt!'

Williamsburg was more fun.  Probably because Drew got a historic hat.

Really, the hat was so cool he never took it off.

Jamestown was pretty neat too.  There were ships we could visit and learn about sailing in the 1600s.  The boys learned they would have been old enough to be cabin boys. Cabin boy sounded cool until they learned they were the kids who emptied the slop buckets.  Suddenly being a kid on an educational vacation in 2011 wasn't quite so bad after all!

Still wearing that hat.

Chris relaxing in the kayak.

And yes - STILL wearing the hat!