Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back from the East Coast

Just got back from a week in New Jersey/New York/Philadelphia with Chris. Each year I've been going out east to visit a college roommate and bringing one child at a time. Finally, it was Chris's turn!

Here he is by the Liberty Bell. Chris is all boy and breaks everything he touches. We swear that crack wasn't there until we took this picture.

Here we are in front of Constitution Hall where the Constitution was signed. It was hot and I think the historical significance was lost on Chris because all he wanted was ice cream.

Riding the ferry into New York.

Below is the World Trade site where they're currently constructing new buildings.

I let Chris have the camera and he took pictures of every gravestone he saw.
This is the Toys R Us which had a ferris wheel and their very own photographer who would take your picture for a price. I think they might have had toys too, but I'm not sure.

On the subway after a looooooong day.

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  1. My goodness, your kids are really growing up!
    I like the gravestone picture. Alex is one of my favorites from that time!